WHAT IS Cancer Prevention & Care Awareness Programme?

Between 30-50% of all cancer cases are preventable. Prevention offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer. National policies and programmes should be implemented to raise awareness, to reduce exposure to cancer risk factors and to ensure that people are provided with the information and support they need to adopt healthy lifestyles.


Cancer prevention is action taken to lower the risk of getting cancer. This can include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, avoiding exposure to known cancer-causing substances, and taking medicines or vaccines that can prevent cancer from developing.

  • Risk Factors for Cancer

  • Information about behaviors, exposures, and other factors that may influence the risk of cancer.

  • The Genetics of Cancer

  • Information about genetic changes, how they may be inherited or acquired during a person's life, and how they can increase cancer risk.

  • Cancer Prevention Overview (PDQ®)

  • General information about cancer prevention and descriptions of the concepts used in cancer-specific prevention summaries.

  • Causes and Prevention Research

  • Find research articles on cancer causes and prevention, which may include news stories, clinical trials, blog posts, and descriptions of active studies.